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4 Common Floor Plan Mistakes

Space planning is the core of any remodel. Creating a simple space plan early in the design process serves as the basis of your remodeling project.  

You’ll want to avoid these common floor plan mistakes:

  1. Space planning by the seat of your pants

Space planning is not suited for flying by the seat-of-your-pants.  It takes careful consideration since placement of every element (i.e. lighting, outlets, furniture, plants, shelving, etc.) is important.  Continually update and reality check your space plan before construction begins to avoid costly change orders.  

  1. Putting form ahead of function

Many homeowners focus on decorating and never really think about how they live in their homes.  An ideal space plan makes a huge difference in the flow of your home because function is way more important than form. Focusing on your lifestyle will inform your space plan.   For example, if you entertain a lot, then you need to plan your space with entertaining in mind (i.e. easily accessible bathroom from public space, kitchen layout with sufficient countertop space, etc.)

  1. Not creating enough storage

When it comes to storage, it’s not just the amount of storage you have, it’s also about the type of storage and how it is organized. Think about what you want to store and how often you intend to use it.  Well-organized storage saves you from searching high and low for items you use everyday, as well as items you only use on an occasional basis.

  1. Overlooking furniture size and placement

Great space planning involves designing with scale in mind.  To ensure your furniture fits well into the space, have a layout with your furniture drawn to scale so you can see whether or not you have enough space.  You may find out that the size of the room best accommodates a queen-sized bed with all of your other bedroom furniture, instead of the king-sized bed you hoped for.

Monica D. Higgins

Monica previously helped people find new homes as a licensed real estate agent before she founded Renovation Planners, a construction management firm dedicated to helping homeowners avoid remodeling horror stories. Today, Monica is honored to share her knowledge of the construction industry in a variety of ways, so homeowners and industry pros alike can experience Remodel Success.

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