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The Easiest Way to Have a Granny Flat

You want to build a Granny Flat within an existing space, but you also want a little more separation between yourself and your tenant, while saving a little money on the reno. Well, I’m here to tell you that you really can have the best of both worlds:

Garage. Conversion.

But before we get there…

Check your city’s rules on Granny Flats.

Even though the State of CA passed new legislation making this possible, they also allowed cities to develop their own sets of rules about garage conversions. So before you start any renovations, check all the rules that apply to your location. Why? Because believe it or not, some places don’t let you convert a garage to a Granny Flat unless you build another garage. But if your one of the lucky ones that get to avoid this, or you’re fine shelling out a little extra cash on the front end, let’s talk about why this may be the perfect scenario for you.

The framing is already there.

Do you get what I’m saying? That’s one BIG less thing that you have to worry about… and pay for. Garage conversions are the cheapest way to have a Granny Flat if the original structure is sound, because a lot of the work is already done for you and since it counts as existing space, you won’t be drowning in crazy fees, or scrambling to meet extra parking requirements. A conversion like this can be suitable for long-term tenants, Airbnb, in-laws, or your college student/recent grad, and can greatly enhance the value of your property.

A few things you might want to consider: Where will all the things currently in your garage live? Can you park your car on the street? Do you have a storage unit or shed?

If you answered yes, great! You’re ready to do this and I’m here to help. If you answered no, you may want to consider building that second garage anyway, or at the very least invest in a smaller shed to store your items. After all, the goal is to improve your life, not impede.

Drop me a line anytime and let’s get your Granny Flat from “Blueprint” to “For Rent”.


Brooke Tuzil

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