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Adding a Second Story for a Granny Flat

If you’re thinking of adding a granny flat, but can’t expand the footprint of your property, it’s time to start looking up!


Adding a second story to your garage for a granny flat is a great way to increase square footage without compromising the space you already have. In considering this, there are four important questions to ask yourself to help you determine if a second story over the garage is a good option for you…

Move out or move up?

In building your granny flat, does it make sense to purchase a larger home or add a second story over the garage? Cost will obviously be a deciding factor, and comparing the price tag of a larger home with the cost of adding above-space to your garage will definitely put things into perspective for you. In purchasing a larger home, you have to factor in real estate commissions, points and loan fees, escrow costs, moving costs, and any other aesthetic improvements you’ll want to make.


Then there’s the second story garage costs to consider: hard costs like construction, labor, and material costs, and soft costs (i.e. all other costs not associated with construction) —  plus the amount set aside for unanticipated expenses!


Will my garage foundation support the load of a second story granny flat?

A structural engineer will       need to assess whether your garage foundation can handle the added weight or whether you will need to shore your foundation to support the extra load. Learn how to assemble your A-Team of remodeling experts here.


Should I add an entire second story to my garage or a partial one?

Though adding square footage above your garage for the sake of having a bigger number is tempting, it’s important to note that quality space is better than quantity space. However, there is a lot to consider when adding a granny flat. I’ve talked about converting your garage into granny flat, perhaps you can convert your garage and add space above it for even more room!


Where will the staircase go?

You want a second story above the garage, great! Now, you have to get up there somehow! Installing stairs will take up quite a bit of space in the downstairs floor plan, which would need to be reconfigured. If you’re using your garage, you’ll need to consider this staircase in your downstairs plans, as well. Know that you’re going to sacrifice some space on the main floor.


One last thing to consider is that the increase in square footage by adding a second story above your garage with permits will also increase the value of your home!


To learn more about granny flats, read up about new laws making it easier to do so, and some other ideas about how you can use your granny flat.

Brooke Tuzil

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